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Filter Effects

Click the above-left picture of Filter Effects applet to start the demo full screen.


Rainbow Filter Effects


I had no real idea here. I simply started with other's ideas and played with them until I had something I liked. This involves tweening, bitmap filter effects, XML, and embedded fonts.

This 33k actionscript 3 applet pulls tweener easing types and the color & letters via XML. Various filters are applied to a stage sized bitmap on each enter. Took me a bit to finally figure out how to do an embedded font via actionscript. No symbols. Everything exists in the first frame's code. Mouse on/off stage & icons for changes. Icons can be dragged, but you must be quick.

Learned bitmap filtering effect from gotoandlearn, simple XML from flashandmath.


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Embedded Fonts

To embed a font, so that it is visible when rotated, etc.

  1. Right click in library and select "new font" from context sensitive menu.
  2. Set the attributes, export for actionscript
  3. add code similar to that below...


Here's what the actonscript 3 code regarding the embedded font looks like.

var myFont:Font = new Font1(); var tff:TextFormat = new TextFormat(); tff.font = myFont.fontName; var tf:TextField = new TextField(); tf.type = TextFieldType.DYNAMIC; tf.text = "bda!"; tf.setTextFormat(tff); tf.embedFonts = true; tf.rotation = 34; tf.x = stage.stageWidth/2; tf.y = stage.stageHeight/2; addChild(tf);