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Periodic Table Puzzle

Click the above-left picture of the Periodic Table Puzzle applet to start the application full screen.


Periodic Table Puzzle


First gained some little fame with my Flash based periodic table, back in AS2 days. Haven't updated it in a while as I wanted to convert it to AS3 and dreaded the full rewrite. I recently got a bit of a start on it, but I seem to have created a periodic table puzzle instead. The original rewrite, while sporadically underway, will take some bit longer.

This puzzle is for people who either really love the periodic table or are hated by their chemistry teacher. Designed for the memorization of the element symbols and their location in the table, it is a simplified table on which you must correctly place the elements. Shearly for for my entertainment, I particalized the elements so that they could explode/fly away when scrambled.

Toggle-able matching color of inner glows on the elements and outer glows on the table positions (based on element series) hint at the correct location for placement. Tweener provides an elastic eased return to their positions when the user gives up and clicks the solve button. Again, primarily for my own entertainment.

P.S.: I feel I've spent too much time writing particle systems as everything starts to look like one to me now. Somebody help me before it's too late.


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