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Click the above-left picture of Kaleidescope applet to start the application full screen.


Actionscript Kaleidescope


I've wanted to create an actionscript kaleidescope for some time. I'd previously made some unremarkable fixed-animation variety by creating a single wedge and then replicating it. Now, I wanted to finally create one that used actual math and code.


Here I've created a kaleidescope class, KScope, which has a random number of equal "wedges", each of which have a random number of gradient filled shapes, the position, orientation, and Tweener animation of which is replicated -- as if the original wedge was reflected around the center: your basic kaleidescope. Took me an embarrassing while to get the math right, but I do enjoy staring at the result. Resets to different parameters happen intermittently, or, you can force it with a click. 13677 bytes with the gradients, about 1.5k larger than with solid color squares

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This is the first thing I'm publishing that has all the code in a class. If you really need it, then let me know.