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Slider Demo

Click the above-left picture of the Slider applet to start the application.


Actionscript 3 Slider Tutorial

OK, not exactly a tutorial

Sliders aren't the most difficult component in the world, but done wrong, they make debugging hard. So, I've created this tool to dynamically create them.

Drag the sliders at the bottom of the screen to adjust min, max, and snap & tick intervals. Choose your live dragging setting and whether you want it horizontal or vertical.

Of course, the convenient part is that the code appears in the adjacent panel. Grab it and copy it into a timeline actionscript window. You'll have to refactor it a bit to class-ify it. And don't forget to drag the relevant components into the library before you compile or else it won't know where to find them.

The Result

The finished product appears below, but if you prefer, click the picture above to see it at a size that won't cause eyestrain.

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