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Farmville Secret Hints

How To Level Quickly In Farmville

So, you've become addicted to the crack cocaine of Facebook games, Farmville, arguably the most popular game in the history of games. You've gotten yourself neighbors, planted & harvested crops, but it seems that others are going up in level faster than you? Is there some secret to leveling fast in Farmville? You'd better believe it! There are dozens of secrets to speed leveling. And I collect them here for you to learn and use. All these techniques are guaranteed to work forever and ever, or until something changes.


Preliminary Notes

I'm Brian and I wrote this. I tend to be over-competitive with games, and Farmville is no exception. Others are at higher levels than me, but they won't be for long. These are tricks I figured out, you may already know many of them. If you want to use these tricks, go for it. If you want to repost a link to this page in Facebook, by all means, go for that too.



You heard it here first, some people cheat. I'M NOT AMONG THEM. Some people use "bots" that automatically do their farming for them. This is against Zynga's rules and I don't do that. Others make use of "snag-bars", special pages that aggregate their neighbors' farmville specific posts. Some consider that that is a cheat. I can't see how that's wrong, but I don't do that either. Finally, I know that some people have software that nearly instantly collects from people's facebook posts, particularly when it comes to things that are "only 1 being offered" like trees, and such. I do not do that. I don't cheat. And this page doesn't teach you how to cheat but how to farm efficiently. Super efficiently.


How Do I Get XP?

In Farmville, you get XP by

  • Plowing fields
  • Planting crops (not trees)
  • Harvesting crops (not trees or animals)
  • Mastering crops, trees, and craft recipes
  • Buying XP items
  • Completing Quests
  • Constructing buildings (such as a dairy barn, orchard, etc)

Emphasizing XP when you farm sometimes comes at the expense of coins and/or beauty. Decide which is most important to you and go for it. If it is XP, then this is the page for you. Even if you want to focus on coins or decorations instead, this page may still have tips about Farmville-farming-smart that can help you out.


Farmville is about Farming

In reality, this shouldn't be much of a secret, but it's shocking how many seem to ignore it. Farmville is about farming! You gain experience (XP) points by plowing, planting, and harvesting. To level fast in Farmville, maximize your available space for crops and keep them growing at all times! It's so simple, yet so important. Crops, crops, crops!


Click Intensive, No-Harvest Farming

I don't do this, but it seems to be perfectly legal, though it takes a lot of clicking. You can plow land (generates XP), plant crops (generates XP), delete the crops using the recycle tool, and then do it again and again and again. If you have a big farm and use the tractor and other vehicles, then it will continue to cost you in terms of fuel. You won't be finding any fuel just planting and deleting. So, that pseudo-cheat aside, let's get on to maximizing XP


Maximize your Farm

It's one thing to dedicate your tillable land to farming, it's another altogether to get more of it. Farm size increases come in an extra 2-plots worth in both dimensions. Each bump in acreage comes with a cost and a pre-requisite. The prerequisite is the number of neighbors you have. If you don't yet have enough neighbors, then look on your existing neighbor's wall for the farmers that make lots of posts. Those are the generous type farmers that you want as neighbors. Keep inviting them until you have enough for that next farm expansion. The other issue is cost. It's not so great at first, but the final two bumps, 26x26 and 28x28 are $2,000,000 and $4,000,000 respectively. Yikes! But, just keep sowing and havesting and you'll have it in no time. Remember, these costs are a one time event and you end up with a massively large super-farm where you can really take off. BTW, on the English Farms, there are several additional prerequisites. These involve gathering supplies, planting & harvesting specific crops, crafting special items, etc. Also, the final two size bumps in England seem to require FV$ rather than coins. Yeah, Zynga, I'll have to get back to you on that.

You want both your home and your English farm to be maximized. Maximize land to maximize XP. The downside to the larger farm is that it costs more fuel to till it. But, fuel is easy to come by if you craft your own goods, buy your neighbors' goods, and fertilize your neighbors crops.

Farmville Farm Maximized For Crops


Reorganize Your Space to Maximize Tillable Land

Pesonally, I recommend putting all the buildings on the back two edges. This serves a couple of useful purposes. First, short items can't be seen or reached when they are directly behind a building, and some of the buildings are pretty tall. But on the back edges, they won't interfere with your ability to "grab" shorter items. Second, the easiest way to be sure that you have no wasted space is to start your crops in the very front left-most space and then build out from there. Also, when you expand your farm, it is trivial to take advantage of every last square inch of land with crops because exactly two more will exist in each direction. And when you expand, because your buildings and other non-crop items are arranged along the back edges, they will never have to be re-arranged. Sweet! If you discover that your entire farm (every single crop) is off by just a smidgen of an inch, then next time your crops mature, use the harvester, not the combine, to harvest them. Use the recycle tool to speed delete all the fallow land (don't accidentally click on something else!). Then use a tractor to re-plow the individual crop areas. Yes, it's tedious and time consuming, but do it now before you compound the problem by expanding the farm and wasting additional space. Once it's done correctly, you won't have to struggle with it again no matter how many times you expand your farm. Remember, max XP comes from max crops!


Get Rid of the Decorations

Oooh! That's gotta hurt. Decorations are nice, but they don't give you XP. If your goal is to level quickly, then get rid of the decorations. You don't have to sell them off. Just store them in your storage cellar. Take them out for special occasions. Remember, even with your farm area maximized for purposes of crops, there will always be niches, nooks & crannies into which you can place your decorations. BTW, decorations include your mastery signs. Once you have achieved crop, tree, or craft mastery, the sign is just for show. Less superflous stuff means more land which means more crops and more XP!


Swap the Barn for a Storage Cellar

The barn & the storage shed grant you a fixed number of storage slots, but they also take up lots of area. The storage cellar, however, takes up the smallest area of tillable land yet can be expanded without limit. Also, you can just mouse over it to be told your current usage stats. If you need to put stuff in, you can click and choose store, or you can just drag it over the storage cellar to store it automatically. If you have a large farm and need to temporarily take lots of stuff out of storage, because the storage cellar entrance is so small, you can easily reposition it near your destination for ease of use. Finally, by applying all your extra shovels toward storage, you can get special rewards. If you don't have enough shovels to dig the storage cellar deep enough to hold all your decorations then start gifting them to others. You'll get tons in return which you can then apply them to your storage cellar.

Farmville Storage Cellar Gives Maximum Storage and Consumes Minimum Area


Get the Combine

Unless you've got a special case need to just plow, but not seed (tractor), or just harvest, but not replow (harvester), then you can probably get by with just the combine. Absolutely get yourself a combine and max it out with parts. Need more parts? Just gift them to all your Farmville friends. You get plenty back soon enough. 2x2 is great. But nothing compares to the maximum 4x4. It still costs the same amount of fuel, but clicking and time spent are drastically reduced! On the biggest 28x28 farm, you need this machine. Fortunately, they give you the chassis for free on the English farm, but you'll probably have to buy it for the home farm. No biggie. Remember, if you have multiple vehicles, maximize your combine first.


Keep Up Your Fuel

Maintain your fuel reserves by buying neighbors' goods, crafting your own goods, fertilizing your neighbors' crops, and scavaging your neighbors' wall posts. That's me with just shy of 800 fuel tanks. I won't have any worries about running out of fuel now.

Farmville Secret Maintain Fuel Reserves


Get Rid of Buildings That Don't Produce XP

OK. You've labored and toiled over that turkey roost, or animal trough, clicking, applying bricks, boards, and nails, clicking again. You've expanded it or filled it with turkeys or what-not. If your goal is to collect more wandering circus elephants and poncho Llamas, then by all means keep the trough, but, if your goal is to go quickly up in level, then get rid of it! I know it seems extreme, but whatever experience you gained by building it is still yours. And if you want to build it again later, after you've hit level 150 or whatever your goal, then more power to you. But it doesn't give you XP. Most of the buildings I see out there are simply decorations and can be stored. But some simply have to be deleted. Make up your mind which is more important to you at present. If it's XP, then slash and burn those unnecessary buildings. Buildings you should definitely KEEP include the greenhouse, chicken coop, dairy farm (you don't need 20 of these), orchards, crafting buildings, sheep pen, pig pen. But study and evaluate your other buildings to see if you can do without them.


Get Rid of Unnecessary Trees

Remember, this is if you want to focus on XP. If you love your orchards, then by all means keep them. They do produces watering cans, coins, and seedlings. If that floats your boat, then more power to you. However, if you are an XP fanatic, then master those trees, and then replace them with those that you haven't yet mastered.

You can access your mastery info from the "ribbon" button just to the right of your neighbors' pictures.

Farmville Secret Accessing Mastery Data


The resulting mastery dialog charts your mastery progress for seeds and trees. You DON'T GET XP FOR HARVESTING TREES. However, you do get XP when your mastery of specific trees increases. Once you have three stars of mastery, you will only get coins and seedlings from trees of that type. Consider getting rid of those for which you already have three stars and focusing on the unmastered ones which will yield XP.

Farmville Secret Focus on Unmastered Crops


Animal Harvesting

I've come to understand and love the secrets of animal harvesting, but, because it requires an existing infrastructure and some little bit of farm coins, it is primarily for the farmville farmer that's been at it for a little bit already.

There is no quicker way to make lots of coins. And the coins can be turned into XP. How? Well, funny you should ask, it is by purchasing items that yield lots of XP. The Market is filled with many items, some decorative, some actual farm related, like seeds & animals. Well, some of the animals provide XP when you buy them. The saddleback pig is a good example

Saddleback Pig

This costs a whopping 300,000 farm coins, but produces 3,000 xp. This is nice, but don't buy it. It isn't the best value.

At the moment, the pheasant yields the greatest purchase XP:

Farmville Secrets Pheasant

This costs an outrageous 2 million but yields an incredible 20,000 XP. Nice, if you can afford it. Unfortunately, besides costing so much, it only gives you that experience once, and you can only harvest it for its measly 92 coins once very 2 days. DO NOT BUY THE PHEASANT.

Now, for the same amount of money, admittedly, still a lot, you can buy two belted cows:

Farmville Secret Belted Cow

Ok. That's still a lot of money. Imagine buying only one at a time. Still 1 million farm coins, but they do yield 10k XP. So why not buy the pheasant instead? If you did that you'd only have to deal with a single animal instead of two and you'd still get the same amount of XP. Yes, but this produces 3000 coins every time harvested. And, if you are clever, you can make a ton of money by properly using cows with your dairy barn.

Ok. Now that I've told you that you want to spend your every spare farmville coin on belted cows, you need to know how to make the most money from them so that you can keep affording to buy more.


Proper Use of the Animal Storage Buildings

So, currently, we can store baby cows & horses in the nursery, pigs in the pig pen, sheep in the sheep pen, horses in the stable, cows in the dairy barn, and chickens in the coop. Who knows what structure will come next. The secret to the animal storage structures is what happens to the building's harvestability when an animal is placed in it.

Now with the chicken coop, nursery, pig pen, and sheep pen, nothing happens to the structure's harvestability when an animal is placed inside. However, in all cases, the animal's harvestability goes to zero.

With the dairy barn, the structure gets the same % of harvestability as the animal itself. The animal's harvestability goes to zero, and the structure receives the same amount. If you have lots of animals in a dairy barn with 0% harvestability, and put a 100% cow in that dairy barn, then you can re-harvest all the animals in that barn because it's harvestability will become 100%.

The horse stable is even better. When you put a horse into it, it's harvestability goes to 3x that of the animal placed into it. So, any animal with greater than 33.33% harvestability will yield an instantly harvestable stable.

This is not a glitch or a cheat! Zynga deliberately made the stable receive 3 times the harvestability of the single horse put into it. Similarly, they purposefully made the dairy barn to receive 100% of the harvestability of the cow it receives. They just don't tell you all the details of the game.


Working the Diary Barn

When dealing with 33% or 34% animal, it is an easy matter to pick them up and put them into the stable, but how do you pick up a 100% cow without harvesting it? I'm so glad you asked. It turns out that there is a little secret: instead of the multi-tool, use the move-tool. I repeat, this is not a cheat. Zynga deliberately built the move tool into the interface and made it able to move 100% animals, plots, and even your avatar!

Here are a set of pics showing the process:

In this first picture, you can see my dairy barn in the lower left corner. It is not ready to harvest yet. You can also see a field of purple cows. If you care to count, you will notice that I have 12 that are ready to harvest. Pay no attention to my choice of Dreyer's Fruit Bars for a crop. Please note that at the moment, I have 351,243 coins. In the lower right, you will see that the pop-up panel for the tools has the Move Tool highlighted in orange. That's what you want to use. Don't touch your 100% cow unless you have this tool active.

Farmville Secret Harvesting The Dairy Barn For Max Cash 1


Next, I grab a 100% cow. Collect milk? Not yet, Bessie.

Farmville Secret Harvesting The Dairy Barn For Max Cash 2


Cow in hand, I move over to the Dairy Farm, which apparently is already 75% harvestable. No matter.

Farmville Secret Harvesting The Dairy Barn For Max Cash 3


I drop the cow into the dairy barn and Voila! My dairy barn has received the cow's harvestability!

Farmville Secret Harvesting The Dairy Barn For Max Cash 4


Before you harvest, switch back to the multi-tool, otherwise your dairy barn will follow your mouse around.

Farmville Secret Harvesting The Dairy Barn For Max Cash 7


Sure enough, with the right tool in use, my dairy barn is eager to be harvested.

Farmville Secret Harvesting The Dairy Barn For Max Cash 8


And, just because I'm meticulous, here's a picture of the harvest taking place.

Farmville Secret Harvesting The Dairy Barn For Max Cash 9


Harvest complete. No change in XP, but take a look at my coins now, 378,353!

Farmville Secret Harvesting The Dairy Barn For Max Cash 10


I follow this process for all 12 of my harvestable cows and get my coins up to 678,543! Nice.

Farmville Secret Harvesting The Dairy Barn For Max Cash 11


Let's take a look inside. Besides my bull, hopeful of a chance to sire offspring, I have 9 Belted cows in this barn. That's all I've been able to afford so far, but by earning 327,300 coins from those 12 purple cows (in conjunction with my belteds), it won't be long before I can afford another belted. Now that this is done, take the purple cows back out of the barn and place them as before so they can start earning harvestability again.

Farmville Secret Harvesting The Dairy Barn For Max Cash 12


Repeat this enough and you can increase your coins enough to buy another belted. Fill your dairy barn to 39 belteds. Don't bother with the bull. And then each time you put in a purple (or whatever) harvestable cow, take him back out before processing the next. The profit from all other cows is negligible compared to the belteds, so keep your dairy barn filled only with the belteds!

Two Days Later!

Performing this for a just a couple of days, I advanced from level 96 to level 103! I how have one dairy barn filled with belted cows with just one space left over for putting harvest-ready cows in. Another dairy barn currently has 22! Please Note, there is no advantage to keeping only 39 belteds in the 2nd and all subsequent dairy farms. Further, cows that are on the land, that is not in a dairy barn, can be any type. The purple cows, work just like the rainbow cow, the holstein, and the others when it comes to using them to harvest an entire dairy, so get the cheapest cows you can to populate the land. I tend to beg for purples. With 39 belteds in the dairy barn, each harvestable cow is worth 117k!!!



Check this out. Super Farmville gamer, Roberto Spezia from Italy, has learned this secret. Even with 12 dairy barns, half of his farm is covered with the belted cows! As of this writing, he's nearly level 300. 1500 cows X 3000 coins per harvest = 4,500,000 coins, enough for 4 more belted cows. And that doesn't even involve the working-the-dairy-farm trick which effectively multiplies this bonus by ***39*** assuming his dairy barn is filled with belteds. And with this guy, you can be sure it is. So it seems to be working for him. Those first few cows are pretty pricy, but using the multiple-harvest trick on the dairy barn lets you earn enough for more in short order.

Farmville Farm With Pathalogical Number of Cows

That said, it is a nuisance to visit his farm because all those cows seem to take a long time to load. Have only as many cows on your land as you can reasonably work in a day. This process can easily become overly tedious after the initial euphoria of being super Farmville wealthy wears off. My recommendation is to put the cows that you aren't "working" into a dairy barn and only keep out as many as you actually process in a given day.


Working the Stable

Just because horses aren't as valuable as belted cows, there's no reason to miss out on the full benefit of horse stables. Besides coins, stables produce lots of great bonuses like Farmhands, Arborists, and everyone's favorite, the 100-Free-XP-Stars. The more often you harvest, the more likely you are to get these.

Ok, let's check that process out.

Before I begin, you can see that I've got a stable in the upper right that isn't yet ready to harvest, and a horse that is 72% ready. Remember, the stable multiples your horse's harvestability by three so the horse's harvestability just needs to be above 33.333%. Probably ought to wait until 34% just to be sure.

Farmville Secret Working The Horse Stable 1


Here I'm harvesting horses from the back row. Grab yourself a horse.

Farmville Secret Working The Horse Stable 2


Not sure why I decided to take this picture, but this a horse on his way to the stable. Exciting, no?

Farmville Secret Working The Horse Stable 3


The horse goes in the stable and suddenly my stable becomes harvestable. WooHoo!

Farmville Secret Working The Horse Stable 5


Yes, I'll harvest that, thank you.

Farmville Secret Working The Horse Stable 4


Bonus time. Got a free XP star. Yeah, I'll share that with my friends.

Farmville Secret Working The Horse Stable XP Stars


Ok. The stable started out with 39 horses. Keep it at that number to maximize your benefit for each individual horse. Remember, that if you only have one horse in the stable, you just get the benefit of one harvest. But if the stable is full, then each individual horse inside gets harvested each time the stable does. I recommend going that big-harvest route.

Farmville Secret Working The Horse Stable 6


Now, note that when I put my horse back in the lineup, I move him forward, into my "out-basket". Some braniac farmers like to not use this method, but I find it too easy to get confused. To minimize confusion, (this is a highly sleep inducing process) follow this method of separate in and out areas for your horses.

Farmville Secret Working The Horse Stable 7

Ok. I kinda went picture crazy there for a moment. But I think I'm better now.

One final note about working-the-stable: get a stallion! If you have a stallion (I don't), you will get an additional 3x during the harvest. That's another big boost in coins.


Maximize Your Harvest With Fertilize All

When you apply a fertilize all just before your harvest, you guarantee that you will be getting the best yield possible. However, be a nice neighbor and don't apply it until just before you harvest. That way, your neighbors will still have the opportunity to find fuel when they visit your farm and fertilize your crops.

Farmville Secret Use Fertilize All Just Prior To Harvest


Maximize Your Harvest With Bushel Use

Use a bushel, of the type you are about to harvest, just before you start to harvest. Doing so temporarily increases your mastery. It yields more bushels for your stalls and it increases the hours that they are open. You want this. Every time someone gets a bushel from your stall, you benefit. Keeping the stall open longer means that you continue to reap the reward long after you've used up all your bushels in crafting projects. Also, it increases the XP toward mastery of a specific crop. Plan in advance so that you will always have one spare bushel just before you harvest.

Farmville Use Bushel To Increase Mastery

Take a look at the benefits of the bushel use:

Farmville Has Big Benefit To Bushel Use At Harvest


Have a Full BeeHive

Not only will a full beehive sometimes give you a free Fertilize All, but it will give you a chance to find "Pollinated Seeds" every harvest. The pollinated seeds, yield better crop harvests. So also be sure to get them from your neighbors' walls. Pollinated seeds have a half-life. That is they only last for a few days. So be sure to use them right away.


Choose Experience When Given the Choice

You get the choice of coins, fuel, or experience when others take your bushels. Choose experience. If you visit and fertilize your neighbors' fields you will get lots of fuel, so here, focus on XP.

Farmville Secret When Given The Choice, Choose XP


Craft Full Bore

Maximize the number of crafting tables you have available as soon as possible by crafting always. A couple of weeks into the process and you'll have full crafting ability. Regardless of the number of tables you have, make sure that every one is busy all the time. Plan ahead and binge on your neighbors bushels. Purge those you don't need.


Craft Smart

When you craft remember that goods don't increase your XP, but advancing in craft mastery does. So choose the craft goods that will advance you fastest. If a special event comes along, it will probably introduce limited time crops and crafting goods. These often have extra XP associated with the crops and goods. Plant full farms of each crop and go crazy on crafting those items exclusively to get those mastery XP bonuses. A full 28x28 farm should be able to generate full 3-star mastery of a crop in 2 or at most 3 plantings. Plan ahead and horde up the bushels you need for crafting projects by constantly acquiring them from your neighbors. If necessary, purge your other bushels to make room. Even with the current limit of 400 bushels, things can get tight when you've got a limited time crop. Plan ahead and you will get the extra XP for your effort.

Farmville Secret Craft Full Bore


Do the Math and Choose the Best Crop

Each seed/tree listed in the market tells you not only how long it takes to harvest but how much XP it generates. ALL SEEDS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL! First of all, recognize that there are different background images for regular seeds, English farm seeds, greenhouse seedss, and pollinated seeds. Try to use your pollinated seeds before they expire. They're the ones with the honeycomb background and the little bee in the lower right corner. The greenhouse crops generally yield the greatest XP bonus. What the fast-leveler is looking for is the crop that yields the greatest amount of XP/hour. All special event crops aside, the hands down winner is straspberries (not strawberries). Straspberries, are a cross-bred seed that you get from your greenhouse or from your neighbors' greenhouses. This crop harvests in 2 hours and yields 2 XP. It requires more fuel because it has to be harvested so often. And because it has to be harvested so often, it requires a lot of attention that not everyone can dedicate. It is generally best for the weekends. However other greenhouse crops, such as long onions, give 3 XP and take only 12 hours. This, too, is an excellent XP yield, needs to be harvested only twice a day (2 crops), and takes much less fuel. The crops change, but the process is the same: be a smart farmer by studying the crop duration, XP, and cost to calculate the XP/hour and the cost/XP to find the crops that are best for a given event. Also, the crops that work best on your home farm can't even be planted on your English farm. Aside from any special event crops, the red currant is a good one to use for fast XP on the English farm.

Have the market make it easy for you by sorting on which gives the most XP.

Farmville Secret Sort Seeds By XP Gained


Ooo, pollinated, 3 XP, only 6 days left, not yet mastered. Let's definitely plant these.

Farmville Secret Choose The Crop That Gives the Highest XP per Hour

Be sure to check sites like FarmvilleFreak for other farming tricks.


Keep Both Farms Active

When you travel between farms, don't pause the one you leave. Keep all your soil growing crops and all your animals increasing in harvestability at all times!

Farmville Secret Keep Both Farms Active


Be a Friendly Farmer

That is, make your farm one that others will want to visit and help. Seeing as this is Farmville, this saying seems all the more apt, "you reap what you sow."

  1. Make your buildings easy to find. All grouped together and neatly arranged gainst the back edges is a great configuration. Remember, there's no such thing as perfect arrangement. Be flexible enough to adapt as the need arises, but strive for clean and simple.
  2. Use a "Fertilize All", but don't use it until just before your harvest. Neighboring farmers get XP from fertilizing your crops, harvesting trees or animals. But they only get the chance to find fuel if they are working on the crops.
  3. Have a greenhouse. When neighbors click on your greenhouse it not only gives them a chance to get free cross-bred seeds, but it also speeds up your germination cycle.
  4. Have a chicken coop and keep only the best chickens in it. When neighbors click, they get a chance to find a special egg.
  5. Try to put your greenhouse near your chicken coop. If the chicken coop is not on the screen, a little chicken-feed icon appears on the left edge to help you find "hungry chickens," but there is no equivalent for finding the greenhouse. If you put them near one another, the visitor is more likely to also click your greenhouse (which benefits you by speeding crossbreeding).
  6. Buy your neighbors' goods. I tend to always buy the cheapest one from each neighbor. Believe it or not, this is to their advantage and yours. It's to your advantage because you will be able to buy more goods. Buying the most expensive goods will definitely result in greater amounts of fuel, but the least expensive goods are from the crafting item in which your neighbor is least experienced. Every time you buy one of their goods, it benefits them as if they had produced one more craft item, advancing their mastery. Since the number of goods you need to craft in order to advance in craft mastery increases with each level, you and your neighbors will advance fastest when crafting those items that need less production to advance, that is, those they are lowest in mastery of, or the least expensive. However, I tend to make an exception for certain special case items. I.e., for a while it was possible to craft "love-potions" for use in the sheep and pig pen breedings. Buying one of these gave the buyer a free love-potion, too. Similarly, certain St. Patrick's Day crafting goods also came with a free gold coin, etc.
  7. Get your neighbors' bushels. Doing so gives them the free choice of coins, fuel, or XP.
  8. Visit your neighbors' farms and fertilize their crops. This will give you coins, XP, and a chance for free fuel. Haresting animals or trees can will grant you XP and coins, but not fuel, so go for crops. Click on their coop and their greenhouse this will give you a chance for rare eggs and free greenhouse seeds. When at their farm, click on the purple mystery gift box in the upper left corner to leave them a free gift. They will likely send you a thank you gift back.
  9. Visit your neighbors' wall page and look for free gifts. Farmville limits the number of gifts you can receive in a given day, so only choose the ones you need. I recomend XP stars, rare-eggs, collectibles, love potions, and greenhouse seeds. Fuel if you need it. BTW, Farmville institutes a separate maximum-amount-of-fuel you can receive in a day limit. Spare vehicle parts if you need them. Trees you don't currently have. I recommend NOT getting seedlings. It is very easy to fill a farm with seedlings and spend months just to water them.
  10. Remove the expired/dated posts from you wall. The items you post become no-good after a while. Those that others post to your wall can only be used by you, not your other visitors. So use them, and then remove them. Generally speaking, your own Farmville posts become no-good after about 24 hours anyway. Barn-raisings are an exception. Help your visitors discern the forest from the trees by removing the deadwood posts from your wall.

Lynn's pollinated seeds look good.

Farmville Pollinated Seeds


Carol has some free crossbred greenhouse seeds.

Farmville Greenhouse Seeds


Getting All The Baby Bottles You Need

Time for a new trick. I think I've discovered a method to get unlimited number of baby bottles in farmville. It's working now, and should continue so until Zynga changes their policy. I've got a nursery fully expanded at "home" and a nursery with 20 capacity undergoing the 20-to-40 expansion in England. I've given it all the materials it needs except for the baby bottles. Twice a day, I can "ask friends" for more baby bottles, sometimes triple-parts. It limits my requests to 40 friends in a single group-request. but, after I use all the triples, i just go back in again and ask for singles. I repeat until there are no more requests left. Item requests don't interfere with gift send limits, so always use these in addition to your free-gifts to friends. The best part is that I get to do this twice a day as long as I never finish upgrading the nursery. It can still hold 20 foals. If you already have your England nursery fully expanded, you might consider deleting it (all the foals removed in advance, of course) and then building it only half-way so that you can have this perpetual bottle request for yourself.



Give Gifts to All Your Friends

You get into Farmville and start to send your free gifts only to be limited to just 40. So? What's the big deal, just go back in and do it for the next 40. How? Easy Breezy Sneezy. In the upper left corner of the Farmville interface is the free gifts button. Click on it as many times as necessary to ensure that you can gift all your friends every time. More gifts sent means more gifts received.

Farmville Secret Hints Give Gifts to All Your Friends


Now you weren't going to gift a useless decoration were you? Give the same gift you'd like to receive. I recommend those in RED, cows, horses, watering cans, and special deliveries. If you read my post about baby bottles, you will already know how you can get an unlimited supply of those. Those items in green are good if you are working on a project and need parts for a vehicle, construction project, etc.

Farmville Secret Hints Gift Smart


Accept The Same Gift More Than Once!

Believe it or not, when a Farmville friend sends you a gift, you can accept it twice! Whether it's an issue with Facebook or Farmville, it works and will continue to work for ever and ever, or at least until Farmville or Facebook does something different. You already know that when you enter farmville, it pops up a dialog box telling you that people have sent you gifts. If for some reason it doesn't, you can call this up by clicking on that funny look red text bubble thing in the upper right corner. The blue area tells me I have one gift waiting to be received.

Farmville Secret Hint Accept The Same Gift More Than Once


It looks like Marie Scott wants to send me a Special Deliver. Yes, I'll accept that, thank you.

Farmville Secret Hint Accept The Same Gift More Than Once


Always be a good neighbor and send a gift back.

Farmville Secret Hint Accept The Same Gift More Than Once


ACCEPT THE GIFT IN THE FARMVILLE INTERFACE FIRST! Ok. Now that I've accepted her gift. and sent one back, I'm going to use the Facebook interface for accepting game requests. It appears on your main facebook page (not the wall) under Farmville. Oh look! I have 1 Game Request waiting for me. I wonder who that's from.

Farmville Secret Hint Accept The Same Gift More Than Once


Well, what do you know? It appears that Marie wants to send me a gift. What could that be?

Farmville Secret Hint Accept The Same Gift More Than Once


Surpise, it turns out it was the same Special Delivery. Yes, I'll accept that. This time, though, I can't send a gift back to her, often I can send back a 2nd thank you gift as well.

Farmville Secret Hint Accept The Same Gift More Than Once



Not all gifts can be accepted a 2nd time. Sometimes you get this message. Oh well. I'll take double gifts for all that Farmville and Facebook want to give me. Also, it won't let you help ducklings mature 2 times.

Farmville Secret Hint Accept The Same Gift More Than Once











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Shapes based on multiple linked cubic bezier curves anchored to a circle.

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Fizx Blox


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Fizx Blox


To learn more about me for potential design/development employment.