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Amoeba vs. Bacteria

Amoeba vs. Bacteria

A struggle within a petri dish..

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In this game, you play the amoeba.

The bacteria are your enemy. They replicate and will eventually fill your Petri dish if you don't stop them. Don't let them touch you. Getting touched by them reduces your health.

If you eat the yellow food pellets, you will be able to shoot them. If you eat enough of the pellets, you can shoot multiple bullets per shot. But, the pellets also cause you to grow. The bigger you are, the harder it will be to avoid being touched by the bacteria.

Shooting is done by clicking the mouse. Clicking and holding the mouse allows more precise aiming.

From time to time, blue and yellow shrink pills appear. Eating these reduces your health by about a third.

My programming blog discusses some of the programming of this amorphous blob.