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This page is a list of links to various actionscript experiments I have done. I focus on actionscript 3 and the code that appears here simply represents the latest things I've been working on. These are in chronological order with the latest appearing at the top.

My current off-hours play project involves automatic generation of music that hopefully doesn't sound like it was created by a computer, 2 more games, and then revamping my periodic table, but that last one is a slightly larger item that will take longer to complete, I may distract myself with other coding before it is complete.


I'm Brian, you can email me at touchspin.


How to make an adjustable blob

Calculating the Difference Between Angles (2011/06/03)

A demo to prevent wheel-reinvention when dealing with differences in angles.

How to make an adjustable blob

Radio Button Demo (2010/12/12)

A tool to auto create Actionscript 3 code for dynamic creation of radio buttons.

How to make an adjustable blob

Slider Demo (2010/12/12)

A tool to auto create Actionscript 3 code for dynamic creation of sliders.

How to make an adjustable blob

Adjustable Blob (2010/08/24)

A study of the parameters of amorphous Blob creation.

Font Tool for Designers

Font Tool for Designers (2010/06/18)

A design tool for choosing the right font, especially when you need to compare the specific look of a given letter in several fonts.

Perfect Pop Up Panels

Perfect Pop Up Panels (2010/06/11)

A class that allows relatively straightforward use of pop up panels that work perfectly, at least according to me.

Affine Transforms

Affine Transforms (2009/10/30)

A tool that lets you move sliders to see in real-time exactly the effect of the parameters of the affine transformation and then automatically generates the Actionscript 3 code to let you apply it to your movieclip.


Breakout Game (2009/09/11)

A game so old and common that it needs no introduction, now new and improved with Actionscript 3.


Blox Game (2009/09/08)

A physics simulation puzzle, involving getting balls from a source to a target, while affected by electricity, magnetism, gravity, teleporters, and sometimes a tyrranasaurus rex.

Collisions (2009/08/28)

The painfully long account of my attempt to program perfectly elastic collisions, with the resulting Actionscript 3 code. Based on a semi-real story.

Cat vs. Mice (2009/04/06)

A whack-a-mole style game involving a cat and mice (which my 5 year old mistook for broccoli).

Animation Engine, Ha! (2009/03/23)

My laughable attempt at creating an animation engine in Actionscript 3, effectively attempting to re-write Flash in Flash.

Periodic Table Puzzle (2009//)

A tortue device for use by cruel chemistry instructors.

Quiznos (2009/02/25)

A screen-saver like computer display for use by any Quiznos with the phone number 425.745.7718.

Dandelion (2009/02/06)

A programmed animation of a dandelion losing its fluffy seeds.

Golgi Volvox (2009/02/05)

An attempt to make a hollywood-worthy simulation of golgi volvox (or at least something under the microscope) and to consume every last cpu-cycle available on my computer.

Gradient Toolkit (2009/02/03)

A very useful tool for creating gradients, by twiddling sliders and radio-buttons, etc., that then provides the Actionscript 3 code to reproduce in your own program.

Planet Orbits (2009/01/30)

An attempt to create a system of heavenly objects orbiting one another with the precision of the Bohr's model of an atom.

Kaleidescope (2009/01/20)

The final result of my life's ambition of properly programming a dynamic kaledescope.

Bitmap filter effects, Tweener, XML (2009/01/18)

An easy-on-the-eye study in tweening, XML, and filter effects.