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Linear Measurement

Click the above-left picture of the spring scale to start the application.

Items Use the meter stick to measure.
Items This memory card is the item currently being measured.
Mystery Mass You can measure any of the other items at the top of the screen.
Pan Rotate the measuring stick using this control. The mini ruler lights up and rotates in the same direction.
Scales This is the stick marker. Use it to mark the position of the end or start of the stick when measuring distances longer than one meter. It rotates to match the direction of the end of the meter stick.
Items Only the parts of the meter stick, item to be measured, and marker that fall within the measuring stage will be visible. Try zooming if you can't find what you need.
Needles Zoom in or out with the zoom slider.
Needles Larger objects are also available to measure.
Needles When measuring big things, the measuring stick may seem tiny by comparison. The size of the marker never changes.
Needles There are two pop-up panels in the lower right corner.
Needles The help panel gives some basic guidance.
Needles On the configuration panel, you can change the measurement resolution, whether or not you see the imperial system, and whether or not the marker and stick snap together, etc.
Needles The imperial and metric stick appear side by side. Metric is green, imperial, pink.