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Triple Beam Balance

Triple Beam Balance

Click the above-left picture of the balance to start the application.

Objects to measure There are several objects that can be measured either individually or in groups. Each object has a fixed mass
Mystery Mass There is also a mystery object that can be measured. Each time it is taken from the grid, it is given a random mass.
Pan with Objects These objects must be placed on the balance's pan in order to measure them.
Scales and Poises Adjust the three poises to determine the mass of the pan's contents.
Needles When the needle points exactly at the red triangle, the value read from the poises will be the mass of the object.
Add On Mass If the mass of the objects exceeds that which the balance can measure, you can hang an additional 500g mass on the scale to increase it's range. Click the empty space where the mass came from to remove it from the balance.
Buttons These two buttons allow you to quickly empty the pan and reset the application (and the pan error).
Zeroing The Balance Don't forget to zero the balance before you begin measuring.