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Periodic Table Puzzle

Click the above-left picture of the Periodic Table Puzzle to start the application. This applet is an unnecessarily difficult puzzle that very well may not serve any real purpose other than as a torture device for chemistry teachers that dislike their students. I personally can't solve it, but then again, I'm no longer taking chemistry. Think of it as an educational diversion that is more entertaining than actually calculating reactions.

Items The basic layout of the puzzle is the periodic table. The cells have only the abbreviation for the elements.
Items Turning on hinting causes both the elements and their positions to take on "glows" colored by the element types: lanthanides, actinides, transition metals, etc.
Mystery Mass

Pressing the scramble button causes them to fly away randomly to the bottom of the screen. Grab them with the mouse and put them back where they belong. They will snap in place when they are in the correct location.

You can use the "solve" button if you get stuck.

Good luck!